Common Questions

Booze Buddy Flask FAQ


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about Booze Buddy Flasks.

How do I fill my flask?

Use a funnel to fill the flask through the spout. Do not fill more that 90%. Once filled. Squeeze the flask untill all the air is expelled and scew on the cap.


Can I fill my flasks with carbonated beverages?

No, the boozeBuddy flasks are not designed to hold any type of carbonated liquid.


How quickly will I get my flasks?

Booze Buddy flasks are shipped free via USPS first class mail or Parcel Post seven days a week. Flasks ordered by 10 am are shipped same day. For your convience we offer a Priority mail upgrade for $4.99.

Can I freeze my flask?

Yes, you can freeze these flasks with water or alcohol. Be sure to fill no more than 75% full.


How do I clean the flasks?

To clean the flasks simply fill with warm water and soap. Rinse out and air dry.


Do these really get past the security on cruises ?

Absolutly. The low density plastic  is undetectable to X-ray scanners. Unlike glass and plastic bottle, these colapsible flasks are nearly unidetifiable in scanners. Thousands of people have smuggled alcohol on cruises with BoozeBuddy flasks. Most flasks confiscated are usually because ofother items in luggage(irons, weapons, ect.)


How should I pack my Booze Buddy Flasks?

These durable flasks will not leak or puncture but be sure not to place them near any sharp items or underneath heavy objects. The best place to pack these are in the middle of your suitcase inbetween shoes. It is also recommended to seal them in freezer bags in case of accidental pucture.


Do you accept returns & exchange?

Absolutely. If you are not satisfied for any reason, return your flasks for a full refund less return shipping.


Do you offer bulk discouts?

Yes, contact us for Bulk quantity discounts.